Going Abroad

Laura Gonzalez – Theta Class

Some of the best learning experiences and most rewarding memories come from exploring different cultures and meeting new people. There are so many different ways to communicate and engage with others and it’s important to take the time to learn how different people perceive and share different things.  When it comes to the communication fields, it’s key to understand that not everyone thinks and communicates the same and that that all backgrounds and beliefs should be respected and explored. A
great way to gain more experience with other cultures, not only in a casual but in a professional setting, is to intern or study abroad.


Many universities around the country have great programs to take courses in other countries and to even intern with companies around the globe and gain professional experience. There are also many independent companies who aid students with resources to study and intern abroad.  These are amazing opportunities to explore a new country, absorb a culture, and learn how interact with people from different

When looking at programs abroad, it’s important to conduct research on the countries available, the program requirements, the prices and living expenses before choosing one. The application process may take a few weeks and there is a lot of paperwork and planning that goes into it. Planning ahead, booking flights in time, and setting a budget are some great tools that will make the process much easier. Many university and study abroad programs offer scholarships and financial aid to students interested in this,
which should be thoroughly researched as well. It is a long process, but the experience is worth it in the end.

Because coming into a new country can be overwhelming and scary, it’s very important to go into the whole process with an open mind and eagerness to learn. The best way to learn about different cultures is to immerse yourself into it. Eat traditional food, walk around the city, meet local people, try to learn the language and engage with the people you meet. All this will make part of an experience you can take home and use it for the rest of your life and your career.

Learn about what people from other cultures do and understand why they do it. Being able to communicate and interact with a diverse group of people is a skill that will make you stand out during interviews, projects and jobs, and will open many more doors in different industries and places around the world. Take opportunities like studying or interning abroad to widen future possibilities and make you a versatile and well-versed professional. While you’re learning, you’ll be able to make connections and networks that will help you grow and explore even more.

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