Using an Iphone for digital content creation

  Alexander Edwards – Beta Class

In our era of technology, it is becoming increasingly necessary for brands to have a powerful online presence. The bad news is that the business model used by companies is changing and if you can’t keep up you’ll see values going down. Fortune 500 companies and even the biggest privately held companies, like Cox Enterprises, are seeing the field change and are trying to keep up. Digital Talent Programs are helping to train employees and recruit talent for the digital world but what are smaller companies that can’t afford to make the jump yet supposed to do? The good news is the same technology causing the formulas to change is also providing tools to help you make that transition.

The phone you carry in your pocket can compete against a full digital production team. Below are are three ways you can capitalize on this for better digital content.

#1. Turn your phone into a broadcast studio

Create live broadcasts on your phone with Facebook Live, Periscope, or Instagram Stories. Record behind the scenes events and interesting activities to not only juice up your algorithms for reach (especially on Facebook) but to also provide a fantastic way to engage your audience. Many news brands use this technique to build relationships with their audience and show a behind the scenes aspect of the broadcast that they would otherwise not be able to see.


#2. Use layout apps

Download apps like “Layout” for Instagram to easily combine pictures into one image for posting. This saves time in editing software like Photoshop but allows you to change up you picture style. The application, “PicPlayPost” takes this to the next level by offering the ability to create video collages up to ten minutes long. For those looking to become more media rich and improve your SEO, posting video content like that is your objective.


#3. Film in slow motion

A slow motion camera can cost you over $1,000 but your phone is surprisingly powerful at it. Film in slow motion and edit the video to make slow-motion gifs for a more fascinating social media post. This is easier for those with an up to date IPhone but can also be done with Androids as well. I used this technique when marketing a new coffee machine available to our company’s clients. I first recorded the coffee pouring out of the machine in slow-motion with my phone and then cut it so it was a continuous slow-motion coffee pour that looped like a GIF. Not only did it tell the story I was looking for but it was also unlike the typical content our customers saw and became one of the most successful social media posts across our platforms.


Always remember that no matter what content you decide to create it should always answer the question, “What content can I provide that my consumers can’t get anywhere else?” Why follow our social media account when they can get the same content from somewhere else? With the powerful content creator that our phones have turned into, there is always a way to capture the moments that no one else can.

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