5 Tips for College Seniors Looking for a Job

By Joscelyn Bivins, Beta Class 

With graduation just around the corner, UCF college grads have begun searching for their first job after graduation. At times, the odd may seem stacked against you, but I am here to tell you that life has a strange way of always making things work out.

With these simple tips, you will definitely increase your odds of finding your first job after graduating.

  1. Connect with your career center

It is never too late to connect with your career center. The career center can assist you with making connections with past alumni, as well as preparing you for interviews and formatting your resume.

  1. Reach out to you connections

Although it may seem that like do not know have any professional connections, you never know who could get you a job. Therefore, it never hurts to reach out to alumni, friends and family.

  1. A Job is better than no job

Do not stress if your first job is not your ideal job. Remember, you’re an adult now. It’s important to create a sense of stability and routine that will make adjusting to the real world easier.

  1. Do your homework

Before applying, research the company you are applying for. You want to try and be aware of the company culture beforehand to decide on whether or not this company is the ideal company for you.

  1. Never stop your follow-up

Persistence is key during the job hunt. The job-seeker who regularly follows up with prospective employers is continuing to build their case that they are interested and a good fit for the organization. These job-seeks are likely to receive serious consideration from the hiring managers.

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