The Ultimate Juggle

By Brianna Jones, Beta Class

School, friends, sleep and work most people think you can’t have it all without dropping the ball in some area. I say those people just aren’t working hard enough. You can have it all, it just depends on how bad you want it and how hard you are willing to work for it. That’s how I felt when all I had was school.

Sophomore year completely changed that view. Being a part of Zeta has definitely put my “can have it all” attitude into perspective. I have a job, an internship, I am an e board member and a full time student. Juggling seems to be all I do lately. Eight hours of sleep a night? Never happens. Seeing my friends? They can barely recognize me now.

Each week something different gets less attention. But in the end everything gets done.

So I guess in essence you can have it all… Just not all at the same time.

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