Brothers Give Back


By Kenya Lipplett, Alpha Class

This past weekend the brothers of Zeta Phi Eta Beta Iota Chapter were feeling extra philanthropic and went to two great charity events.

On Friday April 1st the brothers of Zeta participated in and volunteered with the Junior Achievement 4.01K race. We ran to raise awareness about Junior Achievement, which is a non-profit organization that teaches K-12 graders about different business practices and what it is to be an entrepreneur. Throughout the year we helped to raise $1,000 dollars for JA. The race took place in a scenic area of Baldwin Park, Florida

On Saturday April 2nd a few of our brothers participated in Knight-thon, UCF’s biggest philanthropy on campus, with all proceeds going to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals of Florida. At Knight-thon participants must stand for 20 hours, dancing every hour on the hour. The brothers that went to the event got to learn more about the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals that they were raising money for and were able to meet some of the kids they were helping. One brother was even put in Knight-thon “jail” and had to raise 100 dollars in the night to be able to get let out. She was able to raise it in one hour with the help of family and friends. Standing for 20 hours proved to be difficult to the brothers but seeing the amount of money that they helped raise at the end was worth it. Knight-thon overall raised $1,001,678.20 for the children of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and Zeta contributed $1,733 to that. Even as one of the smaller teams we still made an impact.

Zeta is all about fostering the growth of both its brothers and the younger generation and being a part of these two events this weekend really helped us grow the next generation to be healthy both mentally and physically.

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