After spring break: How to get back into the swing of things.

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By Anthony Dauksis, Alpha Class 

After the much-needed sunshine and snapchat stories that you’ve shared with all of your friends, the time has finally come where spring break is over and it’s back to reality. You’ve been working so hard this semester and have taken a well-deserved break to find that you have no motivation to keep striving as you were prior to the break.


Many of us have to get back to those dreaded projects, internships, and busy work and find absolutely no motivation to get a head start on it or just picking up where you left off. I know for myself that is something I constantly deal with every year after spring break.


This past spring break I visited The Bahamas for four days and knew that there was much on my plate as soon as I got home. Knowing myself and how much I love to procrastinate about getting back into “school mode” I end up putting it off or not doing it at all which is never a good thing.


However, instead of continuing that trend of slacking off I’ve developed some good habits that I have been applying and have been working very well for me. These tips that I’d like to share with you all is something great to apply now and future spring breaks so that you come back to school recharged and ready to finish strong.


  1. Come back to school earlier than you want to


Why would you ever do this you’re probably asking yourself and for good reason. Don’t you want to enjoy every second of your break that you can? Absolutely! However, what I mean is allowing yourself enough time to come back to your home and adjust to your normal day-to-day schedule that you’re used to.


Many times, we come back from break and wake up the next day for classes which for many can work, but I find that when I give myself an additional day to adjust to my daily routine, I bounce back a lot quicker.


Give it a try next time that you’re on a break for an extended period. A day or two truly can and will help you getting back into the swing of things.


  1. Don’t completely detach from your work


Often we find ourselves dragging our feet when getting back into the classroom either continuing a lesson or learning new information that feeds off of previous information learned prior to the break. This is difficult because we are putting more work on ourselves to play catch up while the professor is moving onto new material.


Now I’m not saying that you should have your head in the books all break but maybe ever other day glance back at your notes from your lectures and reread what you’ve written down and internalize the material. It’s more about being aware of the content and not letting it slip your mind.


By keeping that information current and relevant will only help you in the long run. Those light bulbs will be going off faster in your head as well.


  1. Build on good habits


We are creatures of comfort and sometimes in our college careers develop bad habits. We all have them, but we also have a great opportunity to tweak them to make us more efficient and work for us in our favor.


Whether you traveled for spring break or binged a new Netflix series, most of us developed a new schedule because we were on vacation and didn’t do many of the things we would commonly do during the semester. What makes this time the most important of them all is that you have the opportunity to refine your habits and make good decisions for your social and professional life.


Think of it as a new years’ resolution without it being the new year. Capitalize on the idea that it’s a fresh start back at school, which it truly is and the things that you can do to make the rest of the semester a great one.


Use it as motivation to help get those grades up or take on a new gym routine or hobby. What you’re trying to do here is add value to your life without complicating it and making it even more stressful than it already is. It might sound strange and abstract, but I promise that if you take on something new and add it to your routine, you’ll have a better chance of committing to it.



So with all of these tips, try them out. This isn’t something that is just for spring break, it’s for any extended time away from work/school. Use them because they are only to benefit you. As for me, I know this is something that I will continue to work on and modify so that it best helps me.


Hope you all had a great spring break, now let’s have a great remaining semester!

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