New Year’s Resolutions for Young Professionals

happy new year

Just days away from 2016, many of us are uttering the familiar phrase, “New year, new me!” I like to think that new year’s resolutions aren’t about reinventing yourself or being a new you but about being a better, greater version of yourself.

Typical resolutions for the new year are losing weight, eating healthy, saving more money, etc. Now is a great time to reflect on 2015 and everything you accomplished professionally and set new goals. Ask yourself, what worked for you this year? What didn’t? What can you improve on? Where do you want to be this time next year?

Here are a few professional New Year’s resolutions that can make a difference in your career!

1. Network effectively


Coming into a new year, everyone makes it a goal to attend more networking events. Make it your goal to not only network but network effectively.

Changing your approach and perspective on networking can make a huge difference on the number of connections you are making. As a student, it is easy to get caught up on a ‘me’ perspective instead of a ‘give-and-take’ perspective. Professionals want to build a partnership where both sides can benefit from each other, not a one-sided relationship. Always remember that both sides can learn and help each other out.

Networking isn’t limited to face-to-face interactions! Becoming and staying active online is just as important. The more professional sites you are active on, the more opportunities you are creating for yourself. LinkedIn is a great place to start.

2. Find a job you love


After investing so much time and money into your education, you owe it to yourself to find a job you love. If you’re at a job you don’t love the New Year is a great time to take matters into your hands. To start, try to find a new role or position at your current workplace that might be a better fit. If not, start searching for something you are passionate about! Consider pushing yourself to learn different skills that can boost your resume. One new skill can open up a whole new set of possibilities.

3. Get organized


A new year means new planner(s)!

Staying organized has proven to help with a person’s productivity level. Many people find it extremely helpful to use a calendar to keep track of deadlines, meetings, etc. While some prefer to keep a hand written calendar, online calendars are becoming more and more popular. Online calendars have many useful features such as color coding, the ability to invite others to events, not to mention it can be viewed on all of your electronic devices.  

Besides keeping your day to day life organized with a calendar, your desktop and computer files are a direct reflection of your organization skills. More often than not, your office space and desktop serve as the first impression of your professionalism.

4. Keep a positive attitude


Keeping a positive attitude is the most important new year’s resolutions of them all.

A positive attitude, being proactive and enthusiastic, are all elements that will help you get that promotion, that job you love, even lose those 5 pounds. Don’t limit yourself to a narrow spectrum, stay positive and keep an open mind and you’ll see how many more opportunities come your way. Take more chances and always remember you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.
Make it a goal to have a more optimistic 2016! Spend more time with friends and family, smile more, take care of your health, only do things that make you happy, appreciate what you have, and never settle. A good professional never settles, always strive to learn and achieve more.

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