Founder’s Day

Once a year the bothers of Zeta Phi Eta come together in celebration of the five women who are responsible for the founding of our fraternity. On October 10, 1893 Edith DeVore, Maud Newell, Mollie Connor, Leila Little and Laurine Wright with the help of their advisor, Dr. Robert McLean Cumnock founded an organization that would change the face of communication studies at universities around the country. Those five women saw the benefit in an organization that communication students could grow from in more ways than one. They had an incredible vision and left something truly remarkable for us to remember them by.

Zeta Phi Eta at its core stands for achievement. We are a brotherhood who stands apart from the rest of the communication field in our high standards and remarkable integrity. 122 years ago the founding women of Zeta Phi Eta and their advisor saw the need for an organization unlike any other. We thank them on Founder’s Day for their dedication.

On October 10, 2015 the active brothers and prospective members gathered to remember our founders and celebrate the 122nd anniversary of our founding. We took a step back from chapter life and looked at the bigger picture of our fraternity’s history. We talked about the founders and their lives that led them to the creation of this fraternity. We spoke about our history and the many things that Zeta Phi Eta has helped us with in our short time as active brothers. Zeta Phi Eta has withstood the test of time and the Beta Iota chapter is so proud to be carrying on the legacy that those five women saw.

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