Zeta After College

A lot of people always question how a fraternity can be beneficial to them in the long run or how it can help you in the professional world after college. Many view fraternities as a social platform or a way to pay for friends. Some might not even know that professional fraternities do exist, myself included earlier in my college career.

So, the big question; how will joining Zeta Phi Eta or any professional fraternity benefit me after college? The answer is quite simple. You get exactly what you put into anything whether it is a job, school or keeping friendships. Being in a professional fraternity is no different. If you would like to reap the benefits then you MUST put the effort into getting involved, helping out the local community and networking yourself as well.

In order to hook you on the idea that joining a professional fraternity can be beneficial to you, I feel like a real life example should help. Joining Zeta Phi Eta has significantly taught me a lot about myself as an individual, as a team player and a professional member of society through many exercises and professional events.

As soon as I became a prospective member for Zeta, I went straight to my laptop and updated my resume.  I couldn’t wait for the next Intern Pursuit so that I could share my experiences with potential employers. Many professionals at the event were extremely interested in hearing more about Zeta, who we were and what we stood for. We were new to the University of Central Florida so we had a lot of fresh ideas and a name to make for ourselves.

I had my eyes set on a company called Bonnier Corp., a huge magazine publication, and they were present at the spring Intern Pursuit of 2015. Meeting with their representatives didn’t feel like an interview, it felt like a natural conversation and that’s exactly how you want it be. I could tell they were interested once I started talking about my experiences with Zeta Phi Eta thus far and I spent quite a few minutes discussing it.

After following up with an email thanking them for speaking with me, they emailed me back stating they enjoyed the conversation and how Zeta Phi Eta has helped me grow professionally in such a short amount of time. They seemed to be impressed and I truly believe that my involvement with Zeta Phi Eta was the icing on the cake for them to want me to join their intern program in the summer.

So, how will joining Zeta Phi Eta or any professional fraternity benefit me after college? Due to my involvement I was able to land a summer internship and that, in turn, will provide me with the necessary experiences and tools employers are looking for in individuals they want to hire. They look for experience, professionalism and involvement. All three are very important qualities to have and because of Zeta, I have all of those things under my belt and I can venture into the professional world as confident as ever. Again, in everything that you do in life, you get exactly what you put in. You make the effort, you see the results and you reap the benefits.

-Lauren Pierce

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