Family Away From Home

It’s that moment when you’re feeling lost; a time when you feel like every person surrounding you has no idea how you feel – “They just won’t get it.” You’re 18 years old and living in a household that isn’t dictated by your parents. You’re working towards a degree and for once in your life you have ultimate control over your weekly schedule. You might be working; involved in school clubs, and you could be dealing with family related issues, or sickness. Well, I know how those puzzling moments feel. All of your responsibilities feel like they are taking over your life and spinning you around – you feel hopeless. I, too, have said, they just won’t get it,” and you may have experienced this moment of despair as well.

Let me tell you, that moment of uncertainty does not have to be dealt with alone. I have learned that there are people in this world who have experienced similar situations as myself and those people do get it! Every citizen in this world has duties to fulfill and someone once said, “The purpose of life, is a life of purpose.” Therefore, as humans, one of our purposes in life is to serve our fellow citizens by listening, caring, and doing. If one person does not know how to aid you, that person can steer you in a direction where another person can help you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a fellow peer or faculty member for some guidance.

It did take myself awhile to become comfortable enough to share my experiences and emotions with another person without feeling like they may judge me. But let ‘s face it, you most likely won’t seek advice from any random person. Instead, you will seek help from someone you have established a decent relationship with. But it begins with you. Once you have accepted how you feel, you will become comfortable enough to seek the words of others and then accept their advice.

Many months flew by before I accepted and became comfortable sharing why I felt the way I did about certain situations I’ve experienced through my academic and personal life, but luckily I learned this through the help of Zeta Phi Eta. This spectacular organization introduced me to a group of people who initially were strangers, but are now my Brothers – my family forever. Without the Zeta Phi Eta fraternity, I wonder if I would’ve ever learned to be comfortable enough when reaching out to others or the length of time it would have taken me to gain that wisdom.

Although blood-related family resides hours away from Orlando, I know that my brothers in Zeta Phi Eta are my family too. So fellow colleagues, let me tell you, today I am extremely grateful to have learned such a valuable lesson in life alongside and through the help of such wonderful people. I will forever seek guidance from my brothers, but most importantly apply what I have learned to other areas of my life in the future. So I thank you, Zeta Phi Eta, Beta Iota chapter.

-Barbara Lopaciuk

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