The Balancing Act

Being a college student is an experience unlike any other. This time in our lives is one of the only times where we will be exposed to so many different activities, people and just options in general. That being said, it is so important to learn the act of balancing.

While trying to juggle class, work, homework, clubs, staying active, friends and family and time for yourself, things will begin to get a little mixed up. When also adding time for professional development it is normal to get overwhelmed. There is a lot going on in a college student’s every day life and the most important skill to have is the ability to balance it all. There are a few ways that I have found helpful while learning how to cope with everything all at once.

1. Always keep a planner. Having an up to date planner may seem tedious but the mere act of writing down everything that needs to be accomplished will help tremendously. Keeping everything in one place, organized by the day and easy to see is something that will prove invaluable when you find yourself needing to be in two places at one time.

2. Make daily to-do lists. Daily to do lists outside of your planner are also good ways to take each day a step at a time. Sometimes on a particularly busy day I will make a note in my phone and make it my phone’s wallpaper, so no matter what I will always see the list when I look at my phone.

3. Make Webcourses your home screen. Someone shared this piece of advice with me last semester and surely enough I found myself getting more work done and procrastinating less.

4. Schedule time for yourself. This is something that can change the way you view being busy. Even if it means leaving the house ten minutes early to run by Starbucks, or taking a five minute walk around the house after a study session taking time for yourself to do something that centers you will make all of the difference.

Being busy is a good thing, but being overwhelmed is not. Getting organized, writing things down, and being accountable are all things that will aid in learning how to balance everything that needs to be done with things that you want to get done. It is not impossible, even though sometimes it seems like it may be. Take the additional time to learn the ever important balancing act and all will be well.

-Danielle Angelo

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