The Other Side of the Table

Recently, I sat down on the other side of the table and became the interviewer instead of the interviewee.

At Intern Pursuit I collected resumes and judged character for the first time in my life. Switching roles while still being a student was interesting to say the least. Many people mistook me for an intern and a few people even asked me how old I was.

One of the most eye opening experiences from my morning and night spent at each of the internship fairs was actually looking at resumes. Articles online and tips from peers can never really help you know what to expect when handing over your resume. I found that layout really does affect my impression of the resume, and no, I did not really care about objectives.

What did my eyes go straight for? Experience. Darting around the page for more than a few seconds looking for your experience already makes me want to put the resume down. No matter how pretty you think your design is, if it’s not easy to read it doesn’t matter.

I also noticed that having something memorable on your resume does actually help. Going through dozens of resumes is not fun, especially when they all look the same.

On that note, simply being memorable will get you far. In the past when I have advised people on interview skills I have always said that it’s important to relate to the person interviewing you. I now know from personal experience that this is the No. 1 way to help someone remember you. Think of something unique about your experiences, or even better, research the person or company you’re interviewing and find a way to relate to them.

Becoming a professional in the communication industry before I have even graduated has been such a growing experience. For the first time in my life, I am being treated as a professional by other professionals instead of just a student.

I feel that because of my experience from Intern Pursuit and the following interviews, I am so much more equipped to handle interviews myself. Being the person doing interviews taught me so much about what people look for when hiring, simply because of what I was looking for from each person.

I hope that with my experience I can go forward with my professional skills as well as be able to help others with the knowledge I have gained within the last few weeks.

– Emilee Jackson

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